Element Series #14, Silicon (A Chiptune Adventure)

by Infinity Cycle

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I’m actually really excited for this set! It is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time, but never gotten to. I've always wanted to pay my respects to what got me into electronic music in the first place, CHIPTUNE! This is quite the adventure between modern and classic chip, with some of it on a very 8bit psychedelic tip!

1. Danimal Cannon - Intro
2. Knife City - Pornporn
3. gwEm - Bangin'Nights (Matt Grey Conversion)
4. 505 - Headrush
5. Zef - Subsonic
6. Knife City - Braid
7. Danimal Cannon & Zef - Corrupted
8. 505 - Funktion
9. DDRKirby(ISQ) - Descent
10. Zef - Gambit
11. Dannimal Cannon & Zef - Chronos
12. 505 - Hysteria
13. 505 - CPU Eater
14. Bryface - Seaport
15. A_Rival - VS
16. A_Rival - Ryu Stage
17. b4kn - Apple Tooth


released February 21, 2014



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Infinity Cycle Vancouver, British Columbia

Infinity Cycle is Wil Claeys, just a regular guy from Vancouver, BC. I graduated from the Sound Design for Visual Media program at VFS, I like hanging out with my cat, and making trippy idm and psytrance.

jabberwock is fresh out of the datastream, psychedelic idm from another realm, ambient from the depths of an alien ocean... come and enjoy a trip into cyber-reality...courtesy of jabberwoc
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